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Enter the percentage of your cat’s diet that is wet food. The dry food percentage will be calculated automatically.
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How much wet food should I feed a cat? Find using this calculator

Dry food (%) & Wet food (%): How do I know these, how can I calculate them?

To figure out how much dry and wet food your cat eats, think about what you feed them each day. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Guess the Total Food: First, guess how much food you give your cat in a day. This could be in cups, grams, or cans.
  2. Find the Percentages: Then, think about how much of that food is dry and how much is wet. To find the dry food percentage, divide the amount of dry food by the total food amount, then multiply by 100. Do the same for wet food.

For example, if your cat eats 100 grams of food a day, and 30 grams are dry food, then 30% of your cat’s diet is dry food (30g dry food / 100g total food x 100). If the rest is wet food, then 70% is wet food.

Make sure the dry and wet food percentages add up to 100%. These are just rough guesses to help you understand your cat’s diet better.

How can I know “Dry food (kcal/kg)” and “Wet food (kcal/kg)”?

Cat food has energy in it, which we measure in kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg). You can find this info on the cat food’s package or online. Here’s what you usually see:

  • Dry Cat Food: About 3,500 to 4,500 kcal/kg.
  • Wet Cat Food: Usually between 750 and 1,200 kcal/kg.

Remember, these numbers can change based on the brand and kind of cat food. If you can’t find this info on the package or online, you might want to ask the company that makes the food.

Select your cat’s activity level: Average activity, Inactive, High activity level. What does this mean exactly?

Cats have different levels of how much they move or exercise each day. Here’s a simple way to understand these levels:

  1. Average Active Cats: These cats move a fair amount. They play sometimes and rest quite a bit too.
  2. Inactive Cats: These cats mostly relax and sleep. They don’t play much. Cats that live inside or are neutered often are less active.
  3. Highly Active Cats: These cats are always on the go. They play a lot and don’t rest much. Cats that can go outside usually are more active.

Remember, these are just basic ideas. Each cat is different. How active a cat is can affect what it needs to eat. If you’re not sure about your cat’s activity level, it’s a good idea to talk to a vet.