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Standard/Traditional CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator

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What is the Standard/Traditional CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator?

The Standard/Traditional CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator is a tool designed for network engineers and administrators to efficiently divide a single IP network into multiple subnets. It adheres to conventional subnetting practices, ensuring compatibility and ease of use in most network environments.

Who Should Use the Standard/Traditional CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator?

This tool is ideal for:

  1. Network Administrators and Engineers who require a reliable method for subnetting within traditional network infrastructures.
  2. Educational Purposes: It’s a great tool for teaching and learning about network subnetting in academic settings.

How to Use the Standard/Traditional CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator?

Using the tool is straightforward:

  1. Enter the Major Network IP address and subnet mask.
  2. Specify the desired number of subnets.
  3. Click ‘Calculate’ to view the subnetting results.

Please note: This tool uses conventional subnetting practices. It correctly allocates the subnet sizes and calculates the remaining available IP addresses. However, it might allocate more addresses than needed for some subnets to align with the power of two boundaries, a common practice in subnetting.

If you require more efficient IP space utilization, such as with a /31 or /32 subnet mask, consider using the Better IP allocational CIDR (VLSM) Subnet Calculator (RFC 3021) standard.

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