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How to Use the RCT2 Park Value Calculator

Welcome to the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Park Value Calculator! This tool helps you estimate the value of your park based on various ride attributes and the number of guests. Follow these simple steps to calculate your park’s value:

Step 1: Enter the Number of Guests

  • Locate the field labeled “Number of Guests in Park”.
  • Enter the current number of guests in your park.

Step 2: Add Ride Details

  • Click on the “Add Ride” button to add a new ride for calculation.
  • For each ride, fill in the following details:
    • Excitement Rating: Enter the excitement rating of the ride.
    • Intensity Rating: Enter the intensity rating of the ride.
    • Nausea Rating: Enter the nausea rating of the ride.
    • Age (months): Enter the age of the ride in months.
    • Is Duplicate: Check this box if there is another ride of the same type in the park.

Step 3: Calculate Park Value

  • Once you have entered the details for all your rides, click on the “Calculate Park Value” button.
  • The tool will process the inputs and display the total park value below the button.

Understanding the Results

  • The displayed value represents the theoretical “value to all the consumers in the park right now” in dollars.
  • This value is calculated based on ride values, guest count, and other factors as per Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 game mechanics.

Tips for Accurate Calculation

  • Ensure that the ratings and age for each ride are entered correctly.
  • Remember to mark the “Is Duplicate” checkbox if you have more than one ride of the same type.
  • Add all the rides in your park for a more accurate park value estimation.

Using the Tool Effectively

  • Experiment with different scenarios, like adding or removing rides, to see how it impacts your park’s value.
  • Use this tool as a guide to make strategic decisions in the game, such as which rides to build or remove.

We hope this tool enhances your Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 gaming experience. Calculate away and make your park the best it can be!

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